Evolve with the times

There was a time where the only way to have your website going was to get someone to design it, code it, and then upload it to allow visitor to see it. Now a days as technology makes everything easier, people can connect and follow each other’s activities and accomplishments up close. Web design has seen the need to evolve and make sure visitors using a laptop, or a tablet, can have the same pleasant experience as those using their phone.

Back when I started hand coding the websites I would make in 2008, there was already a vision that handheld devices would take priority in a future as people found it easier to be on the go and still access certain websites or visit a restaurant site as they decide what place to visit.
Fast-forwarding time to our present day, and even my friends will chat/message/email me with their phones, not their computers. Web design does focus first on phone experiences and computers visitors come as secondary.

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